Junkin' in PA

Some trips are legendary and the Junkin' in PA caravan was one of them. On board was Susan and William Brinson of House of Brinson, Michelle Carangi from Holley & Gill, Interiors guru Jonathan Legate and one sexy Greek...James Karabelas.

There is nothing that makes me more elated than treasure hunting in a rickety old barn. Add a group of talented, knowledgeable design friends and magic is born! Susan and Jonathan are antiquing geniuses; every foreign object I discovered they would instantly have a description of its original use, time period and worth. It was like being on one of those antiquing road shows!

Of course no barn adventure can be complete without the discovery of family secrets, grandmas racey media and "exercise" equipment and a few stray rodents. You take the good with the "So did NOT want to see that" and in the end you have a stash of beautiful finds.

My favorite purchase of the day was an antique refrigerator box that can hang on the wall. The best part - it's the perfect size to house all my saws! It's going to be an awesome addition to the studio. Special thanks to William and Susan for organizing the best Saturday ever.

Check the story out in full at House of Brinson. Enjoy!


House of Brinson: Custom Color Love

I recently had the honor of helping the dynamic power couple and design duo of House of Brinson, Susan and William Brinson, create a custom color for their NYC loft. The Brinson’s loft is not only used as a home, but as an event space and functioning photography studio for William. Every layer of the design is carefully pieced into a harmonious composition and my goal was to ensure that their bedroom color aligned with their richly detailed aesthetic.

Susan had expressed her fear of color to me over the years and as a lover of rich hues and vibrant pigments I accepted the challenge. Commence with the custom color lovin! It is rare that a color produced by any given paint company is spot-on. If you've ever found yourself staring at rows of endless paint swatches wishing the tones were a bit lighter, dark, redder, etc. you most certainly can benefit from the custom color process. Color should be a direct reflection of personality and hold the energy of the emotion you wish to experience.  When in a residential environment, the perfect color becomes essential, as you will be living with it, day in and day out.

We started with a color palette the couple found interesting and added various pigments to create new hues. I always prefer to have the client participate in this experience with verbal feedback as the colors are created. It allows them to narrate the development, see the process and own the end result.

For more on the House of Brinson loft check out their sneak peak feature on Design Sponge. I must also take a minute to give a shout out to Susan's sexy graphic design skills; I'm in LOVE with her Gangsta Greeting Cards. That's right! I said Gangsta! You will quickly become a fan.


Behind the Scenes: Cigar Aficionado

3000 bamboo skewers never looked so good! For the May/June issue of Cigar Aficionado's Good Life Guide, high-tech durability was the driving theme. To emphasize the unique microfiber blends of the featured golf apparel, a monochromatic silver bunker and sand trap were created. Skewers were individually glued and trimmed to create the sexy golf terrain. Sand was hand sculpted and combed to emulate a freshly raked texture. Once again Jeff Harris's magic lighting skills and eye for depth captured a truly gorgeous spread. Art direction by Sarina Finkelstein. Another successful collaboration! 


Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Not quite the Pop Swatch I rocked in '93 - it's hotter, sassier and very Fashion. American designer Jeremy Scott teamed up with Swatch to create a fresh take on the art of time. Vivid pop culture elements, strong colors and eye catching style meld into the perfect functional accessory. Add this to my Christmas list Santa!



Behind the Scenes: New Balance Wellness

Photographer Peter Z. Jones

For the New Balance Wellness catalog shoot I designed and fabricated a 12ft X 8ft wall. The scale was massive and the effect was dramatic. Homasote bricks were cut in varying sizes and layered to form 3 levels of depth. A mixture of joint compound and mortar emulated an aged surface, while paint unified the tonality and further increased shadows.

Team: Art Director: Mark Keegan. Photographer: Peter Z. Jones.

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