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Jackson Pollock Studio

Photograph by Jennifer Tripp

There are some moments that move you on a profound level drawing to the surface decades of internal history. Jackson Pollock was the first artist to awaken in me the curiosity of the abnormal within the world of the arts. His insanities and avant garde nature compelled me to begin digging beyond the surface - discovering my own creativity. 

As a young teacher at Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina, Maui each year my kids looked forward to Pollock week where paint was dripped, poured and thrown under the sway of palm trees. Flash forward 15 years and I'm standing in Pollock's studio overwhelmed with my personal journey and this man's affect on my life. 

If you ever get the urge to experience a part of history first hand this is one journey worth taking. Located in Springs, NY on a majestic piece of land the voices of the past ring clear slowing time for singular moment of perfection.

Special thanks to my beautiful friend Jennifer Tripp for her amazing capture of the moment and my love James for making this dream a reality.